OpenCL and the 13 Dwarfs: A Work in Progress

By: Wu-chun Feng, Heshan Lin, Thomas Scogland, and Jing Zhang.

In: ICPE '12: Proceedings of the third joint WOSP/SIPEW international conference on Performance Engineering, 2012

Posted: 01 Apr 2012

Tagged: OCD dwarfs OpenCL GPU

Our first publication discussing the OpenCL and the 13 Dwarfs benchmark suite, glad to have a tangible artifact from this now. Keep a look out for the official release of the benchmark sometime around June, 2012!

Update: The official release has come! If you’re interested, go here for the code.


In the past, evaluating the architectural innovation of parallel computing devices relied on a benchmark suite based on existing programs, e.g., EEMBC or SPEC. However, with the growing ubiquity of parallel computing devices, we argue that it is unclear how best to express parallel computation, and hence, a need exists to identify a higher level of abstraction for reasoning about parallel application requirements. Therefore, the goal of this combination “Work-in-Progress and Vision” paper is to delineate application requirements in a manner that is not overly specific to individual applications or the optimizations used for certain hardware platforms, so that we can draw broader conclusions about hardware requirements. Our initial effort, dubbed “OpenCL and the 13 Dwarfs” or OCD for short, realizes Berkeley’s 13 computational dwarfs of scientific computing in OpenCL, where each dwarf captures a pattern of computation and communication that is common to a class of important applications.”

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