The Green500 list: escapades to exascale

By: T Scogland, B Subramaniam, and W Feng

In: International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), 2012

Posted: 15 Jun 2012

Tagged: Green500 exascale

The most recent installment of our annual analysis of the Green500 list is appearing in ISC this year instead of HPPAC. As we collect more data, we gain more and more insight not only into the progress made in green computing, but into the trends we’re tracking towards future goals. This paper investigates the track between today and the exascale goals set for 2018.


Energy efficiency is now a top priority. The first four years of the Green500 have seen the importance of energy efficiency in supercomputing grow from an afterthought to the forefront of innovation as we approach a point where systems become increasingly constrained by power consumption. Even so, the landscape of energy efficiency in supercomputing continues to shift, with new trends emerging and unexpected shifts in previous predictions.

This paper offers an in-depth analysis of the new and shifting trends in the Green500. In addition, the analysis offers early indications of the path that we are taking towards exascale and what an exascale machine in 2018 is likely to look like. Lastly, we discuss the emerging efforts and collaborations toward designing and establishing better metrics, methodologies, and workloads for the measurement and analysis of energy-efficient supercomputing.

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